Hi, I’m Sarah, mum to two small children and family yoga teacher.

I have two young girls.  Yoga Baby number 1 was born Summer 2011, and Yoga Baby number 2 arrived in Autumn 2013.  Before children I taught Secondary maths.  After having children I decided that starting your own business with a toddler, a second child on the way, and very little sleep was a fantastic plan and started teaching baby, then toddler, children’s and family yoga.

When I’m not teaching yoga, playing with my girls, cooking, cleaning, tidying and organising, I also run a local sling meet. In my ‘spare’ time, I like to read books, drink wine, talk, dance, have bubble baths, eat chocolate, practice yoga, walk, sing and laugh.

My blog title comes from my business name, my girls’ first favourite pose, and the lovely bee breath that I use in classes to help babies and toddlers start to relax.